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10 mons ago

Ravi Bhatia asked a question

How a flat in the name of husband is distributed in case of non mutual divorce

Category : Divorce

views: 217followers: 0 answers: 10

12 years past marriage2 daughters Wife can demand dowry maintanance and flat

  1. 9 mons ago

    If your trial is going on, sell your own property with immediate effect.

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  2. 9 mons ago

    There is right of doughter on your flat if they are living with she can ask for their right in this flat .

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  3. 9 mons ago

    Yes she can demand the maintainance but no flat. 

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  4. 10 mons ago

    Wife, if hoousemaker and not in a job, she can ask maintenance for herself.  In case of two daughters, she can seek maintenance still they attain majority.

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  5. 10 mons ago

    According to your income and as per ancestral property the amount of alimony maybe grant by court to your wife 

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  6. 10 mons ago

    Advocate Pranesh
    Administrative & Public Law

    Court can grant alimony to wife and maintenance to minor daughter considering properties and income of husband

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  7. 10 mons ago

    Advocate Pranesh
    Administrative & Public Law

    Yes, wife and minor daughter can demand maintenance 

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  8. 10 mons ago


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  9. 10 mons ago

    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Hi Ravi,

    That depends on some undergiven circumstances:-
    1.Your wife has full right to claim maintenance if she is not working. But if she is not working despite being well qualified to get a job, then the amount of maintenance will depend on how much salary she is earning or would have earned if working. If she is earning well enough to afford a decent life style, the court may not grant her any maintenance.

    2. It also depends on whether the custody of your daughters is lying with you or your wife. 

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  10. 10 mons ago

    Advocate RAMAN
    Criminal Law

    Only maintenance and living right

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