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2 yrs ago

Anonymous asked a question

what is the process if a woman is willing to file a case against her husband on ground of cheating?

Category : Criminal law

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  1. 2 yrs ago

    Advocate Pardeep kumar
    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    She can file a criminal complaint to the police authorities and if in case police does not take any action she can file a complaint case before the concerned magistrate under section 156(3) Cr.P.C

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  2. 2 yrs ago

    Advocate EKTA
    Civil Law

    she can file divorce under marriage act as well as she can file criminal complaint under indian penal code.

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  3. 2 yrs ago

    Wife can file for divorce, if her husband is cheating on her on the ground of Adultery. The Hindu Marriage Act under section 13 recognises cheating by spouse as a ground of Divorce. If the husband is having affair with another women or has indulged in the sexual relation with a women other than his wife then his wife can obtain divorce from him as per the divorce laws of the country.

    You can also seek maintenance from your husband if you are living separately.

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