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2 yrs ago

J Prateek Kundu asked a question (Edited)

what is the significance of business law in India

Category : Corporate Law

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  1. 2 yrs ago

    Appellate Litigation

    To regulate the Corporate's in terms of their responsibility and accountability towards the country and the public at large.  

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  2. 2 yrs ago

    Business law refers to the laws which are applied to business entities such as partnerships and corporations. These are used as a reference when putting up businesses whether big or small - from the sole proprietorship to a corporation. Business laws specify how different business can be set up, how taxes apply to them, registrations, documentation and requirements; define different terms pertaining to business, making by-laws, and articles of organization among many others.

    So Business laws are very important and a businessman should know all the laws related to business.  Some examples of Indian business laws are Companies act 2013, GST  Act 2017, PF & ESI laws, FEMA, FERA etc.  These laws impact upon the plans of firms and their effects on a given firm are also inevitable.

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