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11 mons ago

ràchna asked a question

I want to know about divorce by mutual understanding.tand

Category : Divorce

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  1. 7 mons ago

    Advocate Pranesh
    Administrative & Public Law

    When both the parties are ready to take divorce on a settlement and husband is going to give alimony or permanent settlement amount, you can file mutual divorce in court on the written settlement and go for divorce by mutual settlement. It is done in two phases 13 (b) 1 and 13 (b) ii 

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  2. 10 mons ago

    Advocate LALIT VALECHA
    Administrative & Public Law

    Hi Rachna,

    Mutual divorce can be done only after one year of separation period.
    I involves two stages : 1. First Motion 2. Second Motion

    After filling your First Motion Petition for Mutual Divorce you will be given with a decree of first motion and will be asked to file the second motion after 6 months. on filing of second motion you will get the decree of divorce.

    For any assistance you may contact me.

    Lalit Valecha Adv

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  3. 10 mons ago

    I will tell u the entire process of Divorce. Plz contact at **********, **********. The first consultation is free for you. 

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  4. 11 mons ago

    Administrative & Public Law

    HI Rachna

    There is provision to get mutual divorce by Ist and IInd motion after settle down your terms and conditions between you and your husband.. for further talk at **********

    Priyanka Arora

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  5. 11 mons ago

    u can  easily get divorce by mutual consent........by filing 1st motion and then second motion

    earlier 6 months time was mandatory to file 2nd motion but now u can file 2nd motion asap after first motion but that only depend upon your marriage time and relation with your spouse 

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  6. 11 mons ago

    Advocate Deepika
    Banking Law

    Yes you can get divorced by mutual consent after filling 1motion and after 6month 2motin.

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  7. 11 mons ago

    Advocate MOHD. ATIF KHAN
    Consumer Protection Law

    Yes of course u can easily get the divorce mutually without any diffuculty

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  8. 11 mons ago

    Advocate RAGINI ANAND
    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    please contact me on https://www.easyadvocacy.com/lawyer/Civil-law-Advocate-RAGINI-ANAND to discuss about the proposition mentioned by you.

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