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2 yrs ago

Anonymous asked a question

How is the issue of maintenance tackled in case of a mutual divorce?

Category : Family Law

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  1. 2 yrs ago

    Advocate EKTA
    Civil Law

    in mutual divorce a alimony is decided by husband and wife mutually and it can be given in installments as well.. it totally depend on both husband and wife that what should be the alimony amount and how it is to be given it depends on both mutual understanding or depend on facts and circumstances.

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  2. 2 yrs ago

    whenever u agree for mutual divorce it is for both parties how to take decesion on that like u want pay once total amount or monthly allowance.if u agree for mutual then no maintenance clause can add.it is decided by both parties how r they going to agree on divorce

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  3. 2 yrs ago

    In cases of mutual divorce, the parties are required to agree on the sum of alimony or maintenance which will be given either by the husband to wife or wife to husband as the case may be.    

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