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11 mons ago

Anonymous asked a question

Can a private job lady can take maintenance from his husband or not?

Category : Divorce

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  1. 10 mons ago

    Yes, you can. Plz contact at **********, **********. The first consultation is free for you.

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  2. 11 mons ago

    Administrative & Public Law


    It all depends on situations, talk **********

    Priyanka Arora 

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  3. 11 mons ago

    Advocate Deepika
    Banking Law

    Yes she can get if her husband earning more than to her.

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  4. 11 mons ago

    Yes she can

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  5. 11 mons ago

    Yes she can

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  6. 11 mons ago

    Advocate RAGINI ANAND
    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Yes, she can always ask for maintenance.

    Please contact me on https://www.easyadvocacy.com/lawyer/Civil-law-Advocate-RAGINI-ANAND to discuss about the proposition mentioned by you.

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