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1 yr ago

Anonymous asked a question

Can a party withdraw the petition for divorce?

Category : Family Law

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  1. 10 mons ago

    Advocate JHA ASHOK KUMAR
    Appellate Litigation

    Yes, a party may withdraw petition any day till the decree of divorce is granted

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  2. 10 mons ago

    Advocate MOHD. ATIF KHAN
    Consumer Protection Law

    Yes , you can file the applications under the appropriate provisions of law 

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    Atif khan 

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  3. 1 yr ago


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  4. 1 yr ago

    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Yes, a party who hs filed d divorce petition can withdraw d same at any time. 

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  5. 1 yr ago

    Advocate Yaashna Thakran(Associate Member)
    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Yes it can- either by the Petitioner in person or through the main counsel (whose name and signature appears on the vakalatnama)

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  6. 1 yr ago

    Advocate EKTA
    Civil Law

    yes .. it can be withdraw by the petitioner only.

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  7. 1 yr ago

    yes, a party who filed the petition can withdraw.

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  8. 1 yr ago

    In a divorce case there is a six month cooling off period or time gap between first motion and the second motion, either of the parties can withdraw the petition by filing an application before the court, stating that they do not intend to get divorce through mutual consent. 

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